Monday, September 26, 2011

How do we know?

One of things that I stress the most about as a new Dress A Girl representative is how do I make sure that dresses get to the right place. So how do you?

If it’s not a Dress A Girl mission trip how do I know that the people carrying our dresses are honest and how can I make certain that dresses are delivered into the hands of people who will distribute them fairly and as promised?

I take my job very seriously.  I do my research, I ask questions and talk to a mission member that has agreed to take dresses.  I search on the INTERNET for the church or organization sending the mission group, medical or relief team.  I ask others if they have heard anything about this group.  And then I decide.  How would I feel about trusting my dresses to this group and then ultimately would I be willing to take on the responsibility of trusting your dresses with someone whom I may have never met.

I try to stay engaged.  I remind ’dress couriers’ that our dresses are labors of love and that many hours have been spent making them. I let them know that they as ’dress couriers’ are the lucky ones....they will get the opportunity to see the smiles on the little girls faces when a pretty dress is slipped over their head.  Many of us will never have that experience and so it is by their photos and stories that we are sustained.

So for those of you sending warm winter dresses to the Lakota Reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota here is the information for this mission.  We had originally considered sending one humongous shipment BUT dresses are needed now!

We spoke by phone to Emily Iron Cloud-Koenan a tribal member who is also the Executive Director Lakota Oyate Wakanyeja Owicakiyapi (LOWO) the foster care agency at Pine Ridge, SD. Emily welcomed our efforts on behalf of the Lakota girls. They need dresses in all sizes, infants through teens.

I wrote a short tutorial about how to make a warm dress on an earlier post.

Please contact a Rep if you plan on sending a dress/dresses directly and we will make sure that you have a label to attach to your dress because not only do we want every dress to be counted, we want everyone to know who is sending them.

Write on the outside of your package/box Dress A Girl Around The World.  I generally write the Dress A Girl web address because there is nothing like spreading the world on the outside of a box.

I you plan to send you dress/dresses via UPS/FedEx please use this address:
LOWO604 East Hwy
18IHS Compound
Pine Ridge, SD 57770

If you plan to send your dress/dresses by U.S. Mail please use this address only
P. O. Box 604
Pine Ridge, SD 57770

With a donations that we are receiving here is Virginia we will purchase tights, and panties until our money runs out.

Well my friends I would like to write more but I have dresses to make and Winter is quickly approaching.

Thank you for all of your hard work.  I look forward to the day when our paths cross and we will finally meet.



  1. Karen, YOU are totally awesome! Thank you for being a Dress a girl rep!

  2. Hi Karen..

    This is so Help full..I continue to SEW and will have a Red Hatter Fund Raiser in Laughlin, Nv at McDonalds Oct 15th..Dresses on display and gathering of Material..

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