Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chart for Dress Length

Dress lengths for Pillowcase and Winter Dresses

Size 24 mo      18"

Size   3 yr       19"

Size   4 yr       22"

Size   5 yr       24"

Size   6 yr       26"

Size   7 yr       28"

Size   8 yr       30"

Size   9 yr       32"

Size  10yr       34"

Size  11yr       36"

Size  12yr       38"

Figuring out how to get the proper length is a piece of cake!  Lay the yard stick on the chest about half way down the sleeve. See my photo above. Measure from top to bottom.  When you get to the length you want add 1".  Use a marking pen or chalk to mark (little dashes) all the way around the dress then draw a straight line and cut off.

Put in a simple hem.  Press 1/2" up all the way around.  Press another 1/2" and sew close to the edge all the way around. This is a fast hem...try it you'll like it!

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